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Hello, we are bluKite

A multimedia design and branding agency.


We bring ideas to life in the most imaginative and effective way possible.


Great ideas, outstanding delivery and a completely bespoke service are all parts of a very special client experience.


You’ll love working with us, as we will with you.

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blukite media agency samantha ramsay

John McLeod

Production Director

Samantha Ramsay

Creative Director

Our very own Distinguished Gentleman who will not be happy until he has explored

all creative avenues and

in record time.


His energetic, enthusiastic outlook on life makes him burst with ideas. He loves to be thrown a challenge - the bigger the better – and he never disappoints to deliver on time

and on budget.


His eagle eye attention to detail

is scary!

Sam is a one-off!

Bubbly, animated and energetic,

she brings a new and

exciting aspect to all of

her design work.


Never afraid to explore creative avenues, she is passionate about

her work and this shines through in

her modern approach.

Sam has worked on many large projects including national magazines.


Loud and proud, that just about sums her up!


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John McLeod

Production Director

Samantha Ramsay

Creative Director

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